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I'll try to keep this as my more personal tumblr account.
Meaning: I will try to make every post on here original, at least in one way or the other.

visit my original (and still very much loved) tumblr at its new URL:

So world; what’s really good? Sucks being awake because of procrastination. There’s definitely a lesson in here somewhere that I need to learn.

Damn I really wish I knew someone who would go to this Bon Iver concert with me. 

Three words that became hard to say: I and love and you.

I’m getting sick of writing about death so much.  Every class that I have: write about death.  It’s 3:30 AM and what am I doing? Writing about death.  h8 lyf3~ (but still like it more than writing about death)

I feel so empty right now.  I am physically and mentally drained, all I need right now is sleep.  It would be my saving grace and I can’t have it. If every part of my being is tired, why can I not fall asleep?  This has been happening forever and I still don’t get it.  

youmistookmeforsomeoneelse: forreal though...why u cockblockin on my boo?

Don’t be mad at me cause I got to her before her brain was retired!

Rich girls will break your heart,
Poor girls will take your money.
youmistookmeforsomeoneelse: Good shit. I knew it was you all along! Thanks for the pictionary-game, tumblr buddy

Anytime Mr. Park, any. time. You’re way too good at drawing things on the computer so don’t forget that with great power comes great responsibility.

Thoughts For Today.

When someone gives you a part of themselves, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Because when you do, you start to realize that everyone (and I mean everyone) has their breaking points, no matter how they act and what things may seem like.  And once you’re at that point, there is no going back.  I’ve been on both sides of that, and they aren’t good places to be.  Be careful with how much you give of yourself to people because sometimes they don’t know how to handle it and sometimes they don’t understand what it’s worth.  That’s just people for you.  And sometimes we expect too much in return, or we expect a return when it’s not the right time for it, and trust me, it’s a painful ride.

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